The Coconut Cult: A Probiotic Yogurt Review #saveeandsavory #thecoconutcult #coconutyogurt #review #probiotic #probioticyogurt #spoonfulofyogurt

The Coconut Cult: A Probiotic Yogurt Review

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I love instagram. It’s a great way to discover people, products and places. But I what I love even more is getting a sneak peak inside people’s fridges. I’m always curious to see what people keep on hand or buy in bulk. So when I stumbled onto The Coconut Cult a few months ago, I was intrigued. What is this coconut yogurt? Why is it so special? And why the heck does it cost so much are all questions that crossed my mind.

The Coconut Cult: A Probiotic Yogurt Review #saveeandsavory #thecoconutcult #coconutyogurt #review #probiotic #probioticyogurt #spoonfulofyogurt

If you read my Barely Bread or Four Sigmatic reviews, you’ll know I have a hard time justifying costly food items. Don’t get me wrong. I love them. And I think it’s amazing that they are on the market. But I also never want someone to feel like you have to spend gobs of money to be healthy. Most people are already turned off by the idea of eating more green things. So asking them to spend more money on these products can be a stretch.

Now I will say I assume that if you’re reading this then you’re not totally new to healthy eating. And maybe you’re curious enough to dip your toes into the pricier, cult food items. I’m here for you friend. Today we are breaking down all the things you need to know about The Coconut Cult.

 Which products did I try? 

There are three products available: the original, mango cream & coconut cream. I only tried the original. My plan was to test all 3, however, the cream products have a milk derivative in them along with maltodextrin.

How does it taste?

If you’re a regular coconut yogurt fan, this is going to be a change. It’s a chunkier consistency that is probably somewhere between yogurt and cottage cheese. However it’s not designed to be a yogurt you eat with a load of granola. The serving size isn’t very large for a reason. But I liked the taste. It’s tart but good.

The Coconut Cult: A Probiotic Yogurt Review #saveeandsavory #thecoconutcult #coconutyogurt #review #probiotic #probioticyogurt #spoonfulofyogurtWhat’s the price? 

The average price is around $25 per jar. Each jar is 16oz.

What’s the shipping like? 

Because the product needs to say cold to be in it’s best form, the shipping costs are more expensive. But I wouldn’t be surprised if it costs at least $25 or more. When I put in my local zip code for a 2-pack of yogurt, it was around that much.

Who are the products for? 

If you’re not good with taking probiotics as pills or want to add more into you diet, this yogurt is ideal. Anyone who is looking to get their digestion back on track or needs an added gut boost. But as always, this product will appeal more towards the health conscious buyers.

Can I get them in stores? 

Yes, you can. There is an option on the coconut cult website to find a store near you. And it’s a lot cheaper to buy in stores if you add in shipping costs.

Can I get a sample? 

This is probably up to the discretion of health food stores. But they don’t sell sample sizes for the yogurt. However, you can always ask.

Will I use them again? 

Yes, I will!

The Coconut Cult: A Probiotic Yogurt Review #saveeandsavory #thecoconutcult #coconutyogurt #review #probiotic #probioticyogurt #spoonfulofyogurtThe Coconut Cult: A Probiotic Yogurt Review #saveeandsavory #thecoconutcult #coconutyogurt #review #probiotic #probioticyogurt #spoonfulofyogurt #sodelicious

How did you use it?

I add a spoonful to my morning smoothies for creaminess and an extra probiotic boost. Or I take a spoonful at night to get a big dose of probiotics before bed. You could also make your own breakfast mix by adding it to chia pudding or just eat a spoonful from the jar.

Any else I need to know?

I will whole heartedly admit I expected to be against this yogurt. Personally, a product has to really be worth it for me to justify the cost vs the serving sizes. And when it’s something I would use almost daily, it causes me to pause when I factor in the month cost. But I really enjoyed it. Enough so that when I went to pick up more today and they were out of the original flavor I was disappointed.

If you do try it and are still building the probiotics up in your diet, start small. It’s a very strong mix so even a small amount will help. And I definitely wouldn’t expect to be replacing your other yogurt + granola combo with this. I currently have a tub of So Delicious coconut yogurt in the fridge so I compared the two in texture. The Coconut Cult is a lot thicker and more full fat.

Have you tried The Coconut Cult yet? I’d love to know what you think. And if you do try it, be sure to let me know in the comments below. Also, if there’s any products you’d love to see reviewed, let me know as well.

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